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Beverly Reaume Online Bully Gets Taken Down By The Internet

Beverly Reaume Online Bully Gets Taken Down By The Internet

Please help us shut down an online bully. Beverly Reaume runs a local photography business in St. Pete Florida. She has made it her mission to defame, slander and bully other local photographers. She uses shady and under handed tactics to try and get other photographers to back out of local and national contest.
Beverly Reaume Photography has been doing photography for over 8 years, but is jealous of newer photographers who over take better pictures. It’s pretty unethical to bully and harass photographers just because she does not want to put the time and effort into her own work. Instead she wants to sit on social media all day and try to find ways to undermine other photographers so no one sees there work.
What Beverly doesn’t realize is that this is the freaking interwebs. You can only throw crap so much before it comes back to bite you. Now it’s time to show her what the internet is all about. Lets show this despicable lady that when you thrive off of being a bully and trying to destroy other people’s lives, it comes back to destroy your own business.
This is a call to all the people who have ever been harassed, bullied, slandered, defamed, or the people who like to harass other people. Do you want to make a tiny difference in the world? Do you want to show people that internet karma always comes back 1000 times stronger? This is your chance to show a disciple person that we are strong and will not turn the other cheek. We will destroy you in the name of good.
Please visit our site for information on how you can shut her down and stop her despicable actions.